Mediterranean bank Network introduces project INVEST at MEDAweek in Barcelona

Published on 4th December 2016 by Invest Project

MBN was invited to address participants at the Mediterranean StartUP forum held within the context of the yearly MEDAweek in Barcelona. Marika Huber representing the Mediterranean Bank Network outlined the objectives and focus of the INVEST project and its role in identifying gaps and understanding the process for entrepreneurs.

During her intervention Ms Huber outlined how project INVEST came about, and the need for microenterprises to have knowledge and skills to face common challenges .Project INVEST seeks to boost financial literacy in micro- enterprises in order to help them remain stable in the market, foster local economies and support further employability. Knowledge and proper awareness of financial literacy should also improve understanding of banks and recognise differences thus helping microenterprises put forward more 'bankable' proposals.

The MEDA Barcelona Conference MEDAweek is organised by ASCAME, the Association for Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry. MEDAweek is a yearly event that outlines the Mediterranean region and its experiences with a wide range of far-reaching social, political and economic transformations and growing economic potentialities. Despite its many economic opportunities, the Mediterranean has a lot still to overcome whilst some economic, social and environmental challenges are more relevant and urgent than ever before.

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