The importance of the financial literacy is underlined in the "Thematic Working Group on Entrepreneurship Education Final Report - November 2014"(click here for report). The 70-page report assess the results of a Europe wide survey which findings underline that, within the ongoing learning practices happening across Europe, entrepreneurial learning outcomes are underdeveloped and fragmented. The survey clearly highlighted that learning outcomes are not well articulated across Europe, with onward implications for policy-makers, educators, assessors and learners.

Another important evidence provided by an Ernst and Young survey of entrepreneurs (click here for survey) demonstrates that financing a new start-up can be hard for younger aspiring entrepreneurs who have no financial resources on their own, particularly in Countries with higher start-up costs.

Indeed, the survey highlights that "Entrepreneurs are made, not born". More than four out of five entrepreneurs in the survey believe that entrepreneurial skills can and should be taught. Teaching entrepreneurship benefits from a more hands-on approach than with traditional academic subjects.

"Encourage lifelong learning for entrepreneurs"

Entrepreneurs will need to learn a whole range of managerial and business skills as they grow their businesses.

With the needs of small entrepreneurs clearly outlined in these research papers , which needs were accentuated further in additional EU assessment of SMEs, the INVEST partners assessed the needs in the participating countries i.e. Malta, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands and the UK. With the feedback outlining the needs, preferences and requirements of the target audience, the partners have created the toolkit and piloted this in their country. The piloting period in early 2018 was utilized to further improve the toolkit with further input from users.

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